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 Forum Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Rules & Guidelines   Forum Rules & Guidelines I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2008 10:43 pm

Welcome to My-Mig33 Discussion Board !
Below are some guidelines that will keep you out of trouble here.

This website is made for PC and not for Cellphones. People using cellphone browsers like Opera Mini to read website topics are requested not to register and post on this website.

This Website is not associated with Mig33 in anyway. The administrator of this website is not connected with Project Goth or MIg33.

Any Discussion related to Hang Code, Kick Code, Colour Codes will be removed without warning. These are Mig33 vulnerabilities that degrades the user experience, such discussions will not only be removed without warning but can also get your account banned or deleted.

Compliants against admins and multikickers are not allowed. These kind of complaints should be sent directly to mig33 authorities.

# Only one account per person is permitted.
# Post in correct section.
#Disrespect towards Moderators and Administrators will result in immediate banning.

# ADVERTISING: You are not allowed to advertise your site in your signature by text link or picture link. This is why there is the "WWW" button.These rules also apply to the inboxes of our forum members.

# NO OBSCENE LANGUAGE: This board is intended for family use. Please refrain from using any vulgar language that would offend someone else. Personal comments targeting individual users will be deleted. Inappropriate words will be edited. This also applies to User Names. Accounts with inappropriate user names may be deleted.

# MULTIPLE POSTING: Think twice before multi posting same thing again and again. Multiple posts in the same section or across multiple sections will not be tolerated. Multiposting will be considered as spamming and will get your account banned or deleted.

#NO ILLEGAL SUGGESTIONS: This is not a warez site! Links/Requests to warez and/or illegal material (porn, cracks, serials, etc..) will not be tolerated. Discussion of circumventing WGA/activation/timebombs/keygens or any other illegal activity will also not be tolerated. Hacking e-mail accounts, web space accounts, viruses and everything that has to do with private permissions manipulating is not allowed. You will be banned without notice.

# FAKE E-MAIL: If you use email address provided by a disposable email service to register on this forum, your account will be deleted.

# PRIVATE MESSAGES: Please do not use the PM system to ask technical support questions of the moderators or admins. Technical support questions PM'd to the moderators and admins will go unanswered. Instead, post your question in the appropriate forum for assistance from other members and board moderators.

# Post Titles:Very often we see meaningless subjects in topic title. They give no clue of what the posts are all about. For example:
- Oh no!
- Help
- I'm mad
- Please help
- Question
- I need your help
- Hmmmm ....
This should be avoided. Users should enter something more specific in topic title so that it is easier for others to help.

# User Profiles: Avatars & Signatures total amount of image size combined must not exceed 175kb and may not contain IP monitoring resources.
We also would prefer for the user to keep the avatar size less than 140px wide and 200px long and the signature to be 500px wide x 165px long or less (This means one main image per avatar and signature not exceeding the specified sizes).
We will remove avatars and signatures at our discretion.

If you have problems with some other user contact admin in private.

Also, we reserve the right to delete any post, deactivate/delete any user account if we think that is the right thing to do.

Other additional rules may affect some sections, in such case, they will mentioned.

With that out of the way, we hope that you enjoy your stay at My-Mig33 Discussion Board.

The Board Team !

Forum Rules & Guidelines F_image001m_4b59c43
***Friendship and love***
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Forum Rules & Guidelines
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