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 recharge our mig33 account

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PostSubject: recharge our mig33 account   Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:14 pm

You can recharge your account in the following ways:

1. Credit card recharge
2. Telegraphic Transfer recharge
3. Find an affiliate and buy credits from them
4. Make a payment via paypal to
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You can do a telegraphic transfer easily by going to your local bank and requesting to send us a telegraphic transfer. All the details are available at
Once payment is processed (usually within 3 to 5 business working days), your mig33 account will be credited.

Alternatively, if there is an affiliate in your city, you can contact them and buy credits from them. We are currently expanding our affiliate network in your country, and will notify you when we have established an affiliate in your country.

If you’re interested to become an Affiliate, register your details here
Then next time you login to the website you’ll get access to our Affiliate Resource Centre to help you get started.


As you will be aware, mig33 has both a free and fee-paying component. mig33 offers mobile VOIP calls, mobile chat and is an instant messaging aggregator all in the one application service.
Mobile chat & messaging are free, and making calls & SMS are fee-paying. Users purchase credits to use the fee-paying services. We are looking for Affiliate partners help resell these credits.

An Affiliate partner may buy these credits at a discount to face value (20-30%) via international Telegraphic Transfer, and then sell them at full face value (and make a profit margin on the difference). This model has worked for our other reseller partners and we’d like to help you make this work.

As you’re aware, to get mig33 users need to first download the application to their cell phone. They can do so by going directly to the WAP/Mobile Internet site http://wap.mig33.com or getting this WAP site sent to your mobile phone, via our website http://www.mig33.com. mig33 runs on a Java enabled phone with access to the Mobile Internet. Also users should make sure they have the correct mobile settings, for accessing the Internet on their phone.

Most users buy mig33 credits to make cheap international calls. To get a better comparison on call rates, you can refer to our Rate grid on the website at

With mig33, using their mobile phone users can launch cheap VOIP calls without a traditional PC/internet connection to do this. The person you are calling does not have to be with mig33.
You can connect and call a person using mig33, to virtually most landline and mobile phone numbers (in the same way that you can call most numbers when you place a call through your mobile operator)
When we connect calls, they are actually routed back through the user's mobile operator network when they receive that incoming call.

mig33 brings VOIP to the mobile. In addition to using the web to launch calls, you can also launch calls from your mobile too. This enables you to set up cheap voice calls when you're away from your PC, and moving about. There are two ways to make calls from your mobile phone. Generally users login to the mig33 application and launch the call this way. You are presented with an easy interface for where you enter the phone numbers of the two points you wish to connect the call. You are also able to search your mobile phone's natural address book to look for the numbers you need.

The other way is using SMS instructions to establish the call instead. If users don’t have time to login to mig33 or they do not have Internet access on their mobile phone, they can still launch their calls from their mobile by sending SMS instructions to our mig33 number.
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PostSubject: Re: recharge our mig33 account   Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:29 pm

thanks alot for sharing rainbow..i dont use migcredits to make a international call because the local service provider are offering the lowest call discount during haj season..keep posting bro..

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V. I. P.
V. I. P.

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PostSubject: Re: recharge our mig33 account   Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:17 pm

thanks for sharing prince..i dint knw about this.
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V. I. P.
V. I. P.

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PostSubject: Re: recharge our mig33 account   Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:23 am

hard working post keep sharing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: recharge our mig33 account   

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recharge our mig33 account
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